What is Country Songs?

country-musicCountry music is a musical style emerged in the 20’s in rural areas of South America and the Maritimes of Canada. Originally combined the folk music of some European countries of immigrants, mainly from Ireland, with other musical forms already established in North America, such as blues and spiritual and religious music such as gospel. The term country began to be used in the 50’s to the detriment of the word hillbilly, that was how it was known until then, use fully consolidated in the 70. The traditional country, essentially was played on stringed instruments like the guitar, banjo, violin single (fiddle) and the bass, but also frequently involved the accordion (for French-influenced Cajun music), and harmonica. In the modern country are mostly used electronic instruments such as electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards, dobro, steel guitar or.

The history of country songs begin when Carter Family (The Carter Family) was the first to write a country song disk, along with Jimmie Rodgers, consolidating this genre with the initial name of “hillbilly”, which then would give way to simply “country”. Both with their respective styles influenced many singers who followed them. In the 40’s were mostly singers like Hank Williams who contributed to its increasing popularity. In the decade of the 1960 country music took elements of rock and roll (the strong “rockabilly”) Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley or Buddy Holly), a genre that at that time there lived a huge boom , which provided more advanced rhythms and melodies. Although you can hear today all sorts of variants of the country, which is combined with rock, and more recently with pop, is the most successful among the general public is poorly understood.

Thus, the term of best country music 2011 , is now a mixed bag which includes different genres of music: Nashville sound (closest to the pop of the years 60), bluegrass (Bill Monroe popularized by Flatt and Scruggs and, based on rates fast and very virtuous, played with mandolin, fiddle and banjo), the music of Hollywood westerns, western swing (a sophisticated jazz-based music and popularized by Bob Wills), the Bakersfield sound (popularized by Buck Owens and Merle Haggard) The Outlaw Country, Cajun, zydeco, gospel, Old Time (folk music previous to 1930), honky tonk, rockabilly and neo-traditional Country. Each style is unique in its execution, the use of rhythms and chords, but many songs have been adapted to the different styles. For example, the song “Milk Cow Blues”, an old blues tune of Kokomo Arnold has been interpreted in a wide variety of country styles, from Aerosmith to Bob Wills, Willie Nelson through, George Strait, Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley.


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